Teasle (Photogram)
Kitchen THings (Photogram)
Happy Milkweed (Photogram)
Weeping Milkweed (Photogram)
Slinky and Prism (Photogram)
Floating Away (Photogram)
Cattleya (Photogram)
Honeycomb (Photogram)
They Weep for Their Captured Brothers (Photogram)
In the beginning . . . (Enhanced Photogram)
Hands Down (Photogram)
Hands On (Photogram)
THe Darkroom is a Messy Place (Enhanced Photogram)
The Ferocious Boneyfish (Toned Photogram)
Dem Bones (Photogram)
Juicy Gossip (Enhanced Photogram)
Watercolor Daffs (Enhanced Photogram)
April is the cruelest month . . . (Photogram)
Flow (Photogram)
On the Tip of My Tongue (Photogram)
Slinking (Toned Photogram)
Leaping (Photogram)
Stressing (Photogram)
Funnel (Enhanced Photogram)
Feathers (Toned Photogram)
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