Gemma's Yogurt Face
Rudbeckia with Bee Guides visible in UV, see three below
Rudbeckia with Very Obvious Bee Guides (flower is all yellow petals with brownish reddish center, see 2 down)
Rudbeckia, yellow in normal light with brownish-yellow center -- picture below
Coreopsis (Yellow in Normal Light -- picture below)
White Echinacea with Sweat Bee gathering pollen (bright white dusty stuff)
White Echinacea with Bright Polleny Dust
Gem @ Play
Gem @ Play
Red Combs
Baby Cows in the Morning
Sleepy Lady at Dawn
Flying Gemma Jumper
Zipperhead Ants
This strange insect appeared in the backyard the other day.
It was soon clear it was a she, as she laid eggs in the chicken's roost.
She laid eggs in the grass.
But the herbs in the nest box seemed to make her happy, so she could usually be found there relaxing.  Laying eggs.
She found the chickens' secret hay bale hidey-hole, and laid eggs there.
The little gal helped herself to the chickens' herbs and to other plants in the garden, and . . . .
. . . . before long it was clear that those little chicken-sized eggs must have been mere practice!!!!!
Roman Faun
Roman Pig Pot
Ramses II
A Bee
The Gem
The Gem Again
Past Their Prime
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