What do we get into next? Let's do a straw vote.
This may be the start of a beautiful relationship.
Grab the Greens Game
Serious Sleep
All together now.
Getting Sleepy (under IR heat lamp)
Fast Asleep (under IR heat lamp)
Ball of fluf.
Best Friends
Best Friends II
Power Nap
Sleepy Time
All in a row
Pile on.
Not you again!
So close, and yet . . .
Crane fly
First trip outside, girls -- let's watch each other's backs!
One girl braves the water . . .
Check it out.
Yeah, it's just water.
Two girls brave the water!  Check out the "spikey hair."
Three brave girls in the water!
A Happy Litle Mommy
A Most Happy Young Fellow
The Girls
Juno -- Most Definitely "The Queen"
Juno posing regally
Melissa stretches her wings
Photogenic Juno
Melly and Minnie snug down for a nap
Melly favors the punk look
Messy Arte after a bath
Minerva gives her best war cry before leaping over the barrier.  Artemis observes.
Melly and Juno consider their options before hopping over the barrier.
Melly discovers melons.
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